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Job Title Swimmine Pool Lifeeuard

Start Date May 29th2010

End Date September 6`" 2010

Detailed Description A lifeguard is responsible for monitoring activities at a

swimming pool to prevent accidents and provide assistance to

swimmers. You will be required to maintain order in the pool

and pool areas, rescue swimmers in danger, and  provide first aid if required.

Additionally, you must inspect the pool for cleanliness, and

clean the pool and pool area on a daily basis (including the bathroom). You will also need to determine the chlorine content md ph value of the water.


In order to work as a lifeguard, you will be required to complete

an American Red Cross lifeguard training course taught by a

Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor at a cost of $99.00 per person.

In order to complete training, you must be able to swim 300

yards and retrieve a l0-pound brick from 8+ feet under water.

ln addition, applicants must complete an approved Pool

Operator`s course at a cost of $49.00 per person.

Please note that you will be tested on these skills once you

arrive in the USA.

Salary S8.00 per hour - $12.00 per overtime hour

$8.50 per hour for lifeguards with Pool Operators

$12,75 per overtime hour

Bonus $ 100.00 early arrival bolus. Participant must be trained

and working by May 29lm 2010 and work through to

September 6th- 20th. Payable at the end of the season

performance bonus. This will be based on

exemplary performance for the entire season. Payable at the end of the season.

Housing Deposit

Upon arrival to your employer, you will be required to pay a

housing deposit in the amount of $150.00 in cash

This housing deposit will be refunded to each employee that

meets the following criteria:

Work through September 6`h 2010

Live in employer organized.housing from arrival to the

USA, through September 6`n, 2010

Not terminated from employment for any reason.

Vacate apartment clean, damage free and with no

missing or damaged items.

All housing deposit refunds will be paid to each participant in

his or her home country upon successful check-out of housing

and completion of the program. Any charges we receive for

cleaniny`damages will be divided  amongst the residents

of each apartment and deducted from your deposit. It can take

up to 45 davs for us to receive this information!

Hours We guarantee a seasonal average of 40 hours per week.

You work hours will be reduced (15-30 hours per week) for the

first three weeks of work due to our swimming pools only being

open part time. This will not affect your guaranteed average

number of hours.

Estimated Overtime

Overtime is not guaranteed. However it may become available based on your performance and the needs of your employer.

Expected Schedule Most swimming pools are open six or seven days a week from

10:00 am to 8:00 pm. Expect your work schedule to be mainly

between these times.


You may have a second job as long as it does not interfere at all with your lifeguard schedule.

Dress Code Lifeguards must be clean, tidy and in uniform at all times while on duty.

A uniform will be supplied to you at a cost of $50.00 when you

arrive in the USA. A standard lifeguard uniform consists of a

red bath suit. 2 lifeguard t-shirts. a whistie and famv nack.

Housing You are required to live in employer organized housing for the entire length of your employment period. Housing will cost $9O/week. The cost is the same for all participants no matter when you arrive. Your housing costs will be payroll deducted directly from your paychecks.

If yon withdraw from the program at any time, your remaining

paycheck. will be used to pay off the remainder of your housing commitment.

All housing units have 2 or 3 bedrooms, 1 or 2 bathrooms for a

maximum of 6 persons per unit. We provide single beds, dining

table, chairs, couch, kitchen supplies and linens.

Transportation to


Your housing will be located within a short commute (approx. 5

45 minutes) or walking distance fi`om your swimming pool.

Bicycles will be provided to participants at a cost of $50.00.

refundable at the end of season if returned in good working order. If not, an additional $50.00 will be charged.

Location of job and


Your housing and work may be located in a suburban area. You

may not be in the center of a city. However, travel will be available to the nearest city by bus or metro.



Paychecks will be mailed directly to your housing unit every

other Friday.

Your first paycheck will be issued after you have completed two weeks of work.

Please make certain that you bring enough money with you to

live in the USA for three weeks ($500-$700).





Northern Virginia areas. For additional information please visit or -

Transportation from


Your employer will arrange to pick you up from the airport as

long as your home country agent has sent your travel information to Sue Robbins at Community Pool Service, Inc. at least 2 weeks prior to your arrival in the USA.

When you arrive if nobody is there to meet you, please contact

Community Pool Service during regular work hours which are

8am - 5pm at (free call for you within USA) 1-800-966-2500 or

307-948-2400 to report your arrival and qet flrther instructions.

Bus Transportation

Train Transportation ww`


Social Security



How and when to

apply for a social

security card

Your employer will provide directions for you to go to the

nearest social security office to your apartment. Please make

sure you go within 15 days of your arrival to the USA, You will

be able to work before you apply for your social security card.



Pls understand that many swimming pools are only opened

On part time basis for the first three weeks of the pool season`

For this reason, we have guaranteed you an average of 40 hrs

per week for the entire season. You may work a reduced

schedule for the first three weeks of the season, however, these

hours will begin to increase in early to mid June and increase again early to mid August.

Normal work hours are approximately 40-45 hours per week

once all swimming pools have opened full time. Additional

work hours may become available in mid Augst.

Please note that your employer WILL NOT be able to pick you

up from the airport unless you arrival date, time, and airport are approved in advance by Sue Robbins at Community Pool Service" Inc.